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Root Canal Treatment In Gurgaon

Root canal treatment in Gurgaon can be a very tough decision for a patient. Patients are usually terrified of root canal treatment. Patients who would rather get their teeth extracted rather than saving it. Be that as it may, the dentists at Dentaire Smile Studio don’t blame patients for this. This is because they’ve had awful experiences with a lot of dentists. However, Dentaire Smile Studio promises patients that they won’t feel any sort of pain during or after the treatment.

What is endodontic/root canal therapy

Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment is basically the treatment of the infected pulp. This infected pulp is removed by a series of steps that relieves the patient from pain. Root canals contain blood vessels, nerve tissues and cellular entities which get infected by a cavity or any sort of periodontal disease.

Endodontic therapy involves the removal of all these structures by shaping, decontamination and obturation (Filling of the canals). Shaping and decontamination are done by files. Dentaire Smile Studio uses a pro-taper file system as compared to the normal K and H file system. The advantage of using pro-tapers is that it provides effective cleaning and results in the longevity of the root canal procedure. It is worth noting that sometimes we opt for an RCT if we decide to treat you with our veneers in Gurgaon.


Diagnostic And Preparation

Root canal procedures are usually very complicated, it may involve one visit or several visits depending on the tooth to be treated. Usually, there is some sort of infection or inflammation present below the tooth/teeth. However, this may not be the case in every patient. Sometimes the patient may feel an incredible amount of sensitivity to a hot and cold drink or food which may warrant us to go for a root canal treatment.
To cure this, the dentists at Dentaire Smile Studio drills into the tooth and removes the infected tissue by small needle-shaped hand instruments.


Opening In The Crown

The dentist at Dentaire Smile Studio makes an opening through enamel and dentine by the use of dental burs. At Dentaire Smile Studio the burs used are new for each patient.

Removal Of The Infected Tissue

Procedure Of Shaping

Conventional root canals are usually done by step back technique. In this technique, a K/H files are used to determine the working length (The length of the root of the tooth). Subsequent debridement and removal of tissues are carried out by these files. However at Dentaire Smile Studio, we don’t follow the step back technique, the reason being that step back technique has a high percentage of failure. The major disadvantage of step back technique is the dentist can easily shift the apical region of the root. This is known as apical transportation. Furthermore, incorrect instrumentation length can occur.

Dentists at Dentaire Smile Studio prefer crown-down technique. This involves the preparation of the coronal part of the root (the top part of the root) first and then subsequent preparation of the apical region. Regardless of the method used, copious irrigation for cleaning of the root system is required. The following irrigants are used at Dentaire Smile Studio:

Starting with a smaller file, the canal is enlarged slowly, carefully and gradually. This prevents any breakage of instruments in the root system.


Technique For Instrumentation

The dentist inserts the file into the root system. This is followed by a clockwise and then anticlockwise movement of the file. This enables the dentist at Dentaire Smile Studio for effective debridement of the root canal system.


Filling The Root Canal System

The filling material of a root canal system is Gutta Percha. This procedure involves the insertion of gutta-percha into the cleaned debrided root canal with a sealant.
However, sometimes the dentist at Dentaire Smile Studio won’t fill up the root canal with gutta percha. The reasons for that are as follows:

  1. If there is pus present at the root apices
  2. Persistent pain even after complete debridement of the root system

These decisions have to be made by diagnosing the patient carefully. Sometimes Dentaire Smile Studio’s will place Calcium Hydroxide in the root system which is also called a temporary filling for the root system. This is a strong base and reduces the inflammation within the root canal.


Temporary Filling

Following each and every visit at Dentaire Smile Studio for a root canal therapy, the dentists usually place a temporary filling. The reason for that is if a tooth is left open without a filling material the tooth may become infected further by food impaction.
However, in some instances, the tooth is left open for a period of 24-48 hours. This is done in order to facilitate the removal of pus present at the apices of the root.


Final Filling

Following a complete root canal treatment, the crown portion of the tooth is filled up by either Composite or GIC.


Final Restoration

Regardless of whichever filling material is placed on the crown portion of the tooth, a dental crown becomes an absolute necessity after it. This is because following a root canal treatment the tooth becomes easily brittle and more fragile. If an extreme amount of force is applied on a root canaled tooth, the tooth may fracture.

Even if the tooth survives a fracture, after a root canal treatment the tooth becomes discolored/black in color. The exact cause of tooth discoloration is still not understood. For this precise reason, we prefer either dental crowns or dental bridges in Gurgaon.

Follow Up

One of the top priorities of Dentaire Smile Studio following a root canal treatment is a follow-up recall. Usually, patients are called to the clinic after 2 months in order to check if there is adequate bone healing near the apices of the root.

Our follow-up protocol makes us stand out from the rest of the clinics which is why our patients call our clinic as the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

Alternative To A Root Canal Treatment

Implant Placement Versus Root Canal Therapy

Most patients that come to Dentaire Smile Studio prefer an implanted therapy rather than a root canal therapy. Again the reason being of their past bad experiences. Dental Implants In Gurgaon involves the removal of the infected tooth. This is followed by placement of an implant, also referred to as immediate loading.

This procedure takes less time compared to a root canal treatment and has a high success rate. Regardless of whether the patient is undergoing a root canal treatment or a dental implant therapy adequate debridement of the infected tissue is required.

Although implant therapy is a relatively quick treatment, the patient usually needs to wait for 3-6 months after the implant is placed. This is because the stability of an implant relies on the process called osseointegration.

Osseointegration is the process in which the dental implant gets integrated with the bone.

As scary as that may sound, there is no pain involved in the procedure. Most patients will go for an implant rather than a root canal therapy because of the difference in success rate between both of them. Regardless of whatever the patient may choose, the dentist at Dentaire Smile Studio will define the pros and cons of each and every treatment.

Root canal treatment in Gurgaon couldn’t get any better. Dentaire Smile Studio uses the most advanced and pain-free technique’s for a root canal treatment.

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